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Community Association Websites

by Association Partners, Inc.

Association Partners is proud to offer two website plans to fit a range of needs and budgets. The two plans we offer are the Basic Plan and the Connect Plan. If you are interested in a website for your Association please email James T. Kahn at for pricing and additional information.

Basic Plan

(built with WIX)

Key Offerings

The Basic Plan offers a cost effective solution to providing your entire Association with important information and tools. Such information and tools includes but is not limited to; governing documents, homeowner documents, eForms, board / committee information, events calendar, newsletters, assessment payments, and management contact information. The Basic Plan also offers the ability to restrict access to pages on the site. Restricted pages are then only accessible by the homeowners who have the password.

Who Should Use the Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan is best utilized by an Association looking for a simple, user friendly and cost effective website that is able to provide homeowners with on demand access to important Association information.

Basic Plan Demo (password is demo) - Click Here

The Connect Plan

(built with CINC)

Key Offerings

In addition to everything the Basic Plan offers, the Connect Plan allows for the site to be integrated with TOPS Software which is the management software used by Association Partners. Through this integration each resident is provided a private user account. This user account shows account information such as open work orders and current account balances. Another benefit of the Connect Plan is the advanced security which includes individual login credentials for each homeowner. The Connect Plan also offers a Board Only side of the site that is only accessible by Board of Directors and can include sensitive documents that are for the Boards eyes only and are only accessible by the members of the Board of Directors.

Who Should Use the Connect Plan?

The Connect Plan is best utilized by an Association looking to provide its homeowners with access to up-to-date account information such as account balances. The Connect Plan is also best utilized if advanced security is a necessity. In addition, the Connect Plan provides the Board of Directors the option to maintain the website internally by selecting a Board member of community member to perform the website maintenance & updates.

Connect Plan Demo - please email James T. Kahn at to schedule a demo. 

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