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Services We Provide

Management Style: 


  • Professional Management Allows for Better Board Decisions

  • Proactive Problem Solvers

  • Competent Customer Service

Unique API Focus: 

First: Business Management. Second: Property Management


  • Manages Condo, Townhome, and Single Family Associations

  • Invests in Staff's Continuing Education and Development 

  • Highly Motivated and Professional Staff

  • Active Member in Professional Industry Associations

  • Capitalizes on Available Technologies 

  • 24 Hour Homeowner Service Center

  • Emergency Hotline

  • Insured

  • Referenced 

Financial Management: 


  • Develops Operating Budget

  • Develops Reserve Budget Using Outside Reserve Study

  • Manages Assessment Collection Process

  • Operates Assessment Direct Debit Program 

  • Manages Delinquent Assessments Process 

  • Pays Vendors

  • Facilitates Association Employee Payroll and Filings

  • Manages Bank Accounts

  • Prepares Bank Reconciliations 

  • Maintains Bank Account Records 

  • Prepares Financial Reports 

  • Maintains Financial Records 

  • Coordinates Preparation of Taxes and 1099s

  • Coordinates Preparation of Audits, Reviews, and Compilations 

  • Facilitates Investment Planning

Association Websites: 


  • Several Options / Plans

  • Professionally Managed

  • Provides Effective Communication

  • Click here for additional information and demos of our website services!

Property Management:


  • Develops Annual Maintenance Plan

  • Develops Capital Projects Plan

  • Acts as Clearinghouse for Owners' Architectural Change Requests

  • Responds to Homeowners Service Requests 

  • Manages and Reports Work Orders Status

  • Coordinates Contractor Bid Process

  • Makes Site Visits, Reports Problems and Solutions

  • Coordinates and Evaluates Association Employee Performance

  • Manages and Evaluates Contractor Performance 

Association Management: 


  • Develops Operating Policies and Procedures 

  • Develops Emergency Procedures Plan

  • Develops Effective Rules and Regulations

  • Advises, Counsels and Consults with Board 

  • Conducts Board Training 

    • Effective Meetings

    • Roles / Responsibilities 

    • Use and Oversight of Committees

  • Attends Transition Meetings

  • Attends Board Meetings

  • Facilitates Annual Owners Meeting

  • Attends Annual Budget Meeting

  • Facilitates Meeting Prework 

  • Maintains Meeting Minutes

  • Acts as Registered Agent

  • Facilitates Corporate Reports Filings

  • Administers Annual Report Process

  • Manages Insurance Policies 

  • Develops Risk Management Policies 

  • Prepares Seller Closing Packets 

  • Prepares New Owner Welcome Packets

  • Development and Maintenance of Community Websites 

  • Handles Association's Communication to Owners 

  • Gives Notification of Rules Violations

  • Maintains Relationship with Local Realtors 

  • Maintains Relationship with Local Officials 

  • Maintains Relationship with Industry Professionals

  • Develops Annual Calendar of Events

  • Maintains Official Association Records and Documents 

  • Maintains Owner / Tenant Roster

  • Maintains Property Fact Book

  • Maintains Property Operations Book

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