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Why Hire a Management Company? 




  • In self-managed Associations, the Board has to personally police their neighbors. A people-oriented management firm handles these delicate neighbor relations situations skillfully. 



  • New state and federal laws are enacted yearly that govern how associations and homeowners are to interact. A legislatively aware management firm helps the Board keep abreast of these important issues to avoid suits brought against the Association.



  • Poorly managed finances lower resale values and can rob an Association of financial freedom from unexpected costly repairs and exorbitant special assessments. A financially minded management firm can help a Board plan for the future, today. 



  • In self-managed Associations, the Board is personally responsible for managing the Associations maintenance contractors and employees. A service-focused management firm manages this entire process allowing Board members to enjoy their well-maintained community. 



  • To a self-managed Association, the world can be a very big place. A well-educated management firm through its membership in trade associations, attendance at industry seminars, and its work with other homeowner associations can provide creative solutions to common issues.




Why Hire Association Partners?


Our mission is to be your Association's sole business partner in its property and financial management success, as measured by increased relative property values.


API achieves this, first and foremost, by providing the best business management consultation services. And secondly, by providing stellar service in the traditional areas of financial management and property management.


Association Partners' two-prong approach uniquely differentiates us from our competitors. Our primary focus is assisting board members to be better managers of their Association's valuable assets. 

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